Mission to Fiji



Below you will see some photos from the 2015 Mission Trip to Fiji.

This year’s team of 17 people arrived in Fiji  to build and renovate homes at the Koroipita Village, Naikabula, Lautoka. Our team consisted of  11 students from Fraser Coast Anglican College with 2 teachers and 4 parishioners from St. John’s.

Our task this year was to build an extension to a house for a family of 9, assist in constructing and delivering 20 single slat beds and 2 chicken coops.

We also  provided welfare assistance to over  70 households.  We delivered baby and toddler clothing brought from Australia.  This year 2 teams also assisted the Community Nurses in compiling information for the Ministry of Health.

We shopped for a new family who arrived prior to our leaving.  A mother and 3 children were kicked out of their home by the stepfather without any clothes of supplies.  It humbles me to see people who have nothing offer to share their home and what food they do have with someone who has less.

The next day we supplied the mother and children with 2 single slat beds and 3 mattresses, pillows, sheets and towels, household items for the kitchen and a food pack.

Sparetime saw the students playing with the local children.

As always we attended the Anglican service and this year we visited St. Christopher’s Nadi for their 10am service.

A big Vinaka Vaka Levu (a big thank you) to the whole team for their awesome effort with building and their unbelievable compassion with the people they met and came into contact with.

If you would like to donate to our 2016 Koroipita House Project, please contact

St. John’s Anglican Church, PO Box 35, Hervey Bay 4655 or 41241499 or admin@anglicanherveybay.org.au