Our monthly shared luncheons continue to be held on the first Sunday each month in our Parish Hall. We arrive at the hall at 11.30 so that before lunch we have the opportunity to gather in groups to share and encourage one another on our Christian journey. Lunch is followed by the inevitable washing up, then a short meeting.

If it is some time since your Cursillo weekend, why not join us and reconnect OR maybe you have wondered what this Cursillo is about! Come along to one of our gatherings and ask questions. You will be most welcome.

Remember “God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn’t do.

Jill Crane – 41245652

History of Cursillo

Cursillo is a fairly recent movement in the Christian Church. Its beginning was in Majorca Spain in the early 1940’s. It did not develop by accident. It began when a group of men dedicated themselves to bringing the young people of their city to know Christ better. It developed as they prayed and worked together and as they talked together, sharing their thoughts about the state of the world and the effectiveness of their efforts to bring the light of Christ to it.

Those who first developed the Cursillo Movement worked together as a team from the very beginning. They worked as a leaders’ team that prayed together, shared their Christian lives together, studied together, planned together, acted together and evaluated what they had done together. Together they worked at the task of forming Christian life among the young people of Majorca. Out of their common efforts, something new in the life of the Church was born.

This symbol was adopted by National Secretariat as the official logo for the Anglican Cursillo Movement of Australia in October 1988. It was produced and funded by the Diocese of Rockhampton.

The cross, with the square in the centre, is called a quadrate cross. The vertical line of the cross represents our relationship with God – our love and prayers to Him – His love and blessings to us. The horizontal line represents our reaching out to each other and to the world in and through Christ. The square centre is perfectly balanced and represents the still point – the Heart of God where we find peace and calm – perfect balance.

The points of the square represent the four canonical gospels; radiating out – sent into the world and beyond in the power of His Spirit.


Our motto reminds us that as followers of Christ we are called to:
Make a friend – Be a friend – Bring that friend to Jesus